A Star Wars without Jedi? Yeah, when I first heard about Rogue One, I gotta confess that I wasn’t very enthusiastic. I mean, I thought it was a clever premise, and I was glad for a Star Wars movie to hold me over for another year until Episode 8 came out, but I wasn’t counting down the days with a construction paper chain.

So, it was a pleasant surprise that Rogue One turned out to be more than the nostalgic sci fi romp I was expecting, and turned out to be an excellent character-driven story. I loved this movie! Even though I knew how it ended, there were moments when I was worried for the characters and the success of their mission—now that’s skilled filmmaking!

The acting, pacing, and action were topnotch, and it really brought the Star Wars setting to life for me in a way the original movies never did. This will sound stupid, but Rogue One made Star Wars feel more real than the saga films. Don’t get me wrong. I still loved Force Awakens more, but this backstory is a gem that no Star Wars fan should miss. I dare say even the unbelievers (those poor delusional souls) will find something to like in Rogue One. 3.5/4 Stars for Rogue One; a Star Wars Story!

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